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1.    How can I register myself in the congress?

·         Please click here.

2.     I just want to attend my colleague's session. May I register for a single day at a reduced rate?

·         We regret to announce that this option will not be available and registration fee is only considered for the whole 3 days.

3.     What does the registration fee include?

·         Registration fee includes: the payments for meals, coffee breaks, a gift package and a personal badge by which you can attend to all of the lectures and presentations at the congress.

              4.   When is the registration deadline?

·          Early registration is due until July 22, 2019 and late registration stars on July 23, 2019 and is due until October 9, 2019. Please note that the registration fee will increase after early registration deadline .

Abstract Submission 

1.     Do I need to be registered in the congress to submit an abstract?

·        It is critical to first create an account for completing the online submission procedure via this website. You may complete your registration by paying the fee after receiving a confirmation E-mail from the scientific committee of IHBM 2018.

2.     What should I do to submit my abstract?

·         If you have already created an account, please follow the online submission procedure by choosing "Abstract Submission" in your personal page. If you haven't created an account please click here. The scientific committee of IHBM 2019 sincerely asks all of the authors to mark the requirements noted in "Author's Guideline" before submitting their abstracts.

3.     If I send an abstract do I have to attend the congress?

·      Each of the accepted abstracts must be presented by the first author at the congress. Presence of the co-authors won't be obligatory. First authors will be asked to complete their registration before the deadline.

4.     Should I pay the registration fee before abstract submission?

·         It is necessary to create an account and follow the submission process via your personal page on this website. Paying the registration fee won't be required for abstract submission but it is obligatory to complete your registration by paying the fee for attending the congress.

             5. When is the deadline for abstract submission?

·         The deadline for abstract submission is due until 23 July 2019 and this due date won't be changed at all. 



1.     How should I proceed to cancel and request the refund of my registration?

·        We regret to announce that the paid fee will not be refundable in case of cancellation.



1.     In which language should the lectures be presented?

·         All of the presentations and lectures should be in English.



1.     Can one person present multiple papers at the conference?

·        If you are the author of multiple papers you can present all of them at the congress.



1.     If my paper is accepted will I receive any certificates?

·       By the end of the congress all of the participants will receive a certificate. The file will be send to your E-mail.

2.     How do I get my certificate?

·     We will send your certificate file to the E-mail address you have entered in your registration application. Please enter a valid E-mail address and ensure that your name has been spelled correctly.


Visa Regulation 

1.     How can I find some information about visa requirements for travelling to Iran?

·         Please click the following link to check the visa regulation information.



1.     What are the insurance requirements for travelling to Iran?

·     Please note that the congress will not be able to provide any insurance for your journey to Iran. For official instructions on the insurance requirements please contact your local consulate. The congress will not be responsible for any loss of belongings, damage to personal property or any sort of personal injuries.



1.     My foundation/ company is interested in sponsoring this congress. Who shall I contact?

·      For more information please contact the conference secretariat:

                  - Telephone: +98 21 29905801

                  - Fax: +98 21 29902650

                  - Email: ihbm@sbu.ac.ir



1.     What will I gain access to with my personal badge?

·      Your personal badge contains your ID code by which you will be able to attend all of the lectures and presentations. 

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