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Abstract Guideline and Submissionراهنمای ارسال مقالات

Information for Authors 

-Submission deadline is due until September 21st, 2021 (not extendable) 

- All abstracts should address the congress topics

- Please note that non-English and review articles will NOT be accepted.


Abstract Guideline

 - All abstracts should comprise a maximum of 300 words excluding "References", "Title", "Authors" and "Affiliations".

- Please refrain from using all caps, unless absolutely necessary (e.g., for acronyms such as PET or PRESTO, etc.). 

- Abstracts should be formatted to include the following parts:

1.     Introduction 

2.     Methods: Including sufficient details when necessary may give the readers a clearer understanding of the study.

3.     Results: By adding sufficient details on both data and results, you can demonstrate a clear description of the study. For example, include information on data acquisition and analysis, number of the tested subjects, quantitative results and statistics where appropriate. 

4.     Conclusion 


5.    References: A maximum of 3 references can be entered. Your citation should be like the example:

 This work has been cited [1].


            and in the references, you have to put the following details in order: 

[1] Authors, Title, Journal (conf.), Year. 


6.    Figures and tables (optional):

-       Up to 2 figures (or tables) can be uploaded.


Abstract Submission 

      1- To submit your abstract you have to first register to create an account.(link)

      2- If you have already registered and submit the abstract. click here to sign in.

        3- For submitting your abstract go to your personal page and click the abstract submission  

      4- The word and Latex templates of the abstract are available :         

WORD                              LATEX


نتیجه تصویری برای ‪word‬‏            Ù†ØªÛŒØ¬Ù‡ تصویری برای ‪laTex ‬‏       



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