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6th Iranian Human Brain Mapping Program (IHBM 2019)



Wednesday (9th October)

Thursday (10th October)

Friday (11th October)  








Welcome speeches





Chairs: Zilles & Zarei

Chairs: Genon & Tahmasian

Chairs: Schneider & Salamat



Karl Zilles (Jülich Research Center):

Neural systems revealed by transmitter receptor expression

Simon Eickhoff (University of Dusseldorf/Jülich Research Center): From data to structure and practical relevance


Horst Schneider (Bee Medic GmbH):

Therapeutic effects of EEG-based Infra-Low-Frequency (ILF-) neurofeedback training on children and adolescents with attention deficit (hyperkinetic) disorder



Alireza Ghasempour (Shahid Beheshti University):

Imaging mass spectrometry and brain mapping

Sarah Genon (University of Dusseldorf/Jülich Research Center):

Linking brain to behaviour, a bottom-up approach

Dominik Güntensperger (University of Zurich):

Evaluation of a sLORETA neurofeedback protocol for treating chronic tinnitus



Manoucher S Vafaee/Sasan Andalib (University of South Denmark):

Neurobiology of healthy aging studied by PET/MR: A precursor study for Alzheimer's disease/diabetes mellitus type 2 link

Shahrzad Khaaraabian-Masoule (University of Dusseldorf/Jülich Research Center):

Factors influencing replicability of studies reporting associations between brain structure and psychological variables

Ali Khatibi (University of Birmingham):

Functional magnetic resonance imaging of spinal cord in human: past, present and future



                                                                   Break-Time & Poster Presentations



Chair: Afzali & Salehi


Chair: Nejati & Ghazizadeh



Maryam Afzali Deligani (University of Cardiff):

Comparison of different tensor encoding combinations in microstructural parameter estimation

Guive Sharifi,

Tohid Emami Meybodi

Arsalan Amin,

Ali Jafari,

Ali Arami,

HasanAli Zakeri

Said Orei Yazdani,

Amin Jahanbakhshi,

Mohammad Hallaj


Panel: Application of brain and spinal cord mapping in neurosurgery

Ali Ghazizadeh (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences):

Common and dissociable brain networks for perceptual and value-based memories



Mehraveh Salehi (Yale University):

Individualized and state-specific human brain parcellation

Narges Radman (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences):

The interaction between cognitive load and cognitive resilience in bilingual individuals



Javad Hami (Jülich Research Center):

Multimodal mapping of the auditory cortex in macaque monkey

Vahid Nejati (Shahid Beheshti University):

The neural correlates of emotion-cognition interaction: evidence from transcranial direct current stimulation









Chairs: Khosrowabadi, Noorzadeh

Chair: Khatibi & Khaaraabian-Masoule

Chair: Faghighroohi & Radman


Amir Hosein Hadian (Shahid Beheshti University):

A tensor approach for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder using fMRI data

Masoud Tahmasian (Shahid Beheshti University):

All you need is enough sleep

Ali Mohazzab pour (AmirKabir University of technology):

Different cortical source activation patterns in children with ADHD using boundary element method


Amir Ebneabbasi (Shahid Beheshti University):

Resting state local and global alternations of emotion processing and emotion regulation networks in major depressive disorder

Soudeh   Seddighzadeh (Shahid Beheshti University):

Regional and whole-brain assessment of fractional anisotropy on Parkinson'S disease DTI-datasets


Saman Noorzadeh (Shahid Beheshti University):

3D interface for P300-speller brain-computer interface




Morteza   Mohammadzadeh (Tarbiat Modares University):

Replicated Gibbs point process to combine functional brain alterations patterns in acute sleep deprivation using coordinate based meta-analysis

Shahrooz Faghihroohi (Shahid Beheshti University):

Brain MR Image reconstruction and segmentation using compressive sensing and deep learning




Sara Obeydinia (Shahid Beheshti University):

Effects of partial sleep deprivation on the resting-state dynamic functional connectivity


Amin Saberi (Shahid Beheshti University):

The neural basis of late life depression: an ALE meta-analysis

Mostafa Mahdipour (Shahid Beheshti University):

Surface shape differences in subcortical areas of brain may light up our insight about insomnia


Somayeh Maleki-Balajoo (University of Dusseldorf/Jülich Research Center):

Metabolic connectivity based parcellation of the Hippocampus in healthy older adults


Esmaeil   Mohammadi (Tehran University of Medical Sciences):

Does sleep-disordered breathing accelerate the ageing process of human brain?

Narjes Soltani (Shahid Beheshti University):

Pre-stimulus effect on face and non-face processing: a case study in individuals with autism using MEG


Soheila Veisi (Tarbiat Modares University)

Neural correlates of implicit and explicit learning of foreign language syntax: An fMRI study

Nasrin Mortazavi (Shahid Beheshti University):

The association between alexithymia and functional connectivity of dorsal anterior cingulate cortex



Break-Time & Poster Presentations









Panel: Brain mapping techniques

Karl Zilles,

Manouchehr Vafaee,

Sarah Genon,

Ali Khatibi,

Maryam Afzali Deligani,

Shahrzad Khaaraabian-Masoule, Mehraveh Salehi,

Mojtaba Zarei,

Masoud Tahmasian

Symposium: Women in Neuroscience

Sarah Genon (Chair),

Saman Noorzadeh,

Shahrzad Khaarabian-Masoule,

Maryam Afzali Deligani,

Khatere Borhani,

Mehraveh Salehi,

Narges Radman,

Somayeh Maleki-Balajoo

Iranian Society for Cognitive Science and Technology (Annual General Assembly)





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